3 Countries that Learned Indonesian Language

By | October 11, 2019


In this modern era, especially in Indonesia, many schools are have introduced foreign languages, most of all is English. It is not surprising that many children under five are now able to speak English. Let me ask you, do you prefer to speak in English or Indonesian? Most of you must be thinking that to be able to be fluent in English is cool, isn’t it? But learned the Indonesian language is also important. It is one of the ways to preserve the Indonesian language. 

Do you know the Indonesian language is also learned in foreign countries?  Let’s take a look at the countries below! 


This country is not far from Indonesia. Not only that, the relationship between Indonesia and Australia is also good. Every year, many tourists from Australia visited Indonesia for a vacation or settle in Bali. You can find the Indonesian Language study program at the University of Southern Queensland. In fact, many primary schools in Australia have Indonesian language lessons for their students. So, you don’t have to be surprised if you are going to Australia and you find out that many people fluent in Indonesia Language!


At present, Japan and Indonesia have many cooperative relationships which makes Japan consider that the ability to speak Indonesian is crucial. One of the most favorite universities in Japan, Tokyo University opened an Indonesian Language study program of foreign studies. This study program is in great demand, wow! Not only at university, but several schools in Japan also opened the Indonesian language as one of the subjects for their students. 


The country which is popular as a tourism destination, apparently also has a great interest in the Indonesian language. At some universities in Hawaii, you can find Indonesian language lessons. The teaching team was also very enthusiastic in deepening their knowledge of Indonesian culture and language by willingly flying Hawaii-Indonesia to learn more. Cool!

Those are 3 countries that learned the Indonesian language. How do you think? Learning Indonesian isn’t boring right? The proof, people from other countries take great interest in our language. Foreign language does look cool, but don’t forget our own language! Learn more about the Indonesian language in Cakap application. You can easily take the Indonesian language course in Cakap. Download Cakap here.

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